What do I do now?

Losing a friend or family member can come as a great shock and carry many emotions.  We understand that at this time your first question will be “What do I do now?”

Who do I Contact First?

If your loved one has passed away at home, you need to dial 000 for an Ambulance or the Police.

They will issue a document known as a “life extinct” certificate.  Once this has been issued they will suggest that you contact a Funeral Director, you may call us anytime on 5495 5553.  If your loved one passes away in hospital or a nursing home, you can authorise them to phone us.

When we arrive, this will be a very brief visit; to bring your loved one into our care.  You can be assured we will treat them gently with care, respect, dignity and compassion.

We understand this is a very distressing time, but it will now become necessary to make arrangements for the funeral service.  Therefore a more personal appointment, taking time to discuss the important issues will need to be made.  Generally this would occur the following day.  This is most important as we need to find out how you would like the order of events to occur and what things you wish to have included and we will do our best to ensure we will financially provide you with an affordable funeral, whether a burial or cremation.  We won’t pressure you; call us when you are ready, we will come to you to discuss the important issues with you personally.

What is a Funeral Directors role?

This is an interesting question we are often asked.

Many assume a Funeral Director is the same role as an Embalmer.  This is not the case.

The role of a Funeral director is to plan, direct and follow through to completion, to ensure a Funeral occurs at the time, place and in the manner the family has requested.

The Funeral Director will contact a Funeral Celebrant.  If you don’t already have a family Minister in mind, the Funeral Director will suggest an appropriate Funeral Celebrant – male or female and contact them for you.

The Funeral Celebrant is the person who will be leading the entire Funeral Service at the Chapel, they will be the person talking about your loved one.  They are very kind, compassionate people and want to help you and your family in every way they can.

The Funeral Director maintains regular communication with the Funeral Celebrant, family and their wishes, bringing the entire funeral together in perfect timing in a professional manner.  The Funeral Director will check documentation is in order, guide  staff, arrange vehicles,  sound equipment, music  and the timing of flower delivery in conjunction and communication with the celebrant to ensure all are ready for a fitting farewell.

A lifetime habit of reliability, punctuality, attention to detail and communication with compassionate understanding are essential skills to fulfill this task.

What questions do I ask the Funeral Director?

As qualified Funeral Directors, we have been caring for families for a long time, so we have experience and empathy to take care of everything for you, we know which questions to ask you. You don’t have to worry about having a list of things to remember.

We understand that you will have your own choice or style of music and special details.  This is why we will tailor the service to how you want it.

Apart from providing selected photos or family details, there is nothing else you will need to do.  When we leave, you may think of something else you would like to have included, we welcome this and we’ll do our best to make sure it happens.

You can be reassured your loved one is in safe hands.

Pre-Planned and Pre-Paid Funerals

It is wise to think ahead. Having your wishes noted and funds set aside can bring real peace of mind and relieve what could be unnecessary difficulty when making final arrangements.

We are pleased to recommend “Australia Unity – Funeralplan Management” to meet this need.  This fund operates 100% separately from Horizon Funerals, nor are we affiliated in any way.  As agents, we can assist you with establishing your Funeral Bond.

Kallangur Town Centre, Memorial Park Gate is a wonderful tribute to the Service men and women who have served.  It is located at:-

Cnr of School Road Kallangur 4503, Anzac Ave Kallangur 4503, Goodfellows Road, Kallangur 4503

Redcliffe Cemetery encompasses a lawn section and a monumental grave section. It also has beautiful rose gardens for the placement of ashes, it has shaded column burial walls and a separate column burial area for returned servicemen and servicewomen.

Located at Macdonnell Road, Kippa-Ring, Qld 4021

It is opposite the BP Service Station at 271 Macdonnell Road, Clontarf QLD 4019.

You are welcome to contact us for further information.

Ian & Carol Brownlie