Together ... Making a Memory

Flowers and Testimonies

Horizon Funerals provide beautiful casket sprays. It is important for you to be able to select the flowers you would like to choose. Colours will vary, types of flowers will vary. A casket spray of Australian Natives may have additional bright colours included or some baby breath added, whatever you would like. Perhaps you would like an arrangement of mixed bright colours or prefer an arrangement consisting of all one colour. The choice is endless. The choice is yours.

A delicate Sheaf arrangement is also available in your selection of chosen flowers.


Testimonies regarding families experiences with the team at Horizon Funerals speak for themselves. Recurring words are "beautiful" "thank you so much" "you made it so easy" "it was just what mum/dad would have wanted"

Many families come to Horizon to arrange a funeral. Sometimes they have attended one of our services as a guest, or through the recommendation of a friend or perhaps through advertising or on the internet. All Funeral Companies (including us) can say whatever we like about ourselves, but our testimonies shown are true and honest from individual families who have gone through the same or similar sadness you are facing now. But we believe the true recognition and reliability is silently shown by the families who return to us for another family or friends service.

Fully detailed genuine reviews are also available at

We will always work together with you. You are important to us. We listen, we hear and together ... we will make a memory you will cherish forever.