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Future Planning

Planning Ahead

The topic of funerals and preparing ahead can be a sensitive topic. Yet it is wise to think ahead and prepare for the distant future. This can bring peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be documented and carried out. Having family information on our files reduces stress for those making decisions at the time of a funeral arrangement.

For example, the office of Births, Deaths & Marriages will ask the funeral director for detailed family information and history which may not be readily known to other family members.

A preferred selection of music, poetry and any other special requests may be noted at this time, which will provide reassurance that all preferences are fulfilled at the time of the funeral service.

Funeral Fund

Pre-paying your final expenses means that you can secure those costs at today’s price, knowing that your funeral bond will grow with interest and keep ahead of inevitable price increases over time. This can bring peace of mind, knowing that everything has been taken care of once and for all.

Horizon Funerals preferred Funeral Fund is FuneralPlan Management, a division of Australia Unity; so you can be assured your funds are in safe keeping.

Horizon Funerals are able to support you and assist with completion of documentation.

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