Horizon Funeral’s coffin and casket supplier is one of the finest suppliers in the Funeral Industry, ensuring all choices available are of a superior quality product to select from.

Beautiful fresh floral arrangements are available in half casket or full casket spray provided by one of the most respected funeral floral specialists in Brisbane.

We offer a broad range of varieties; whether Australian natives, roses, a specific colour range, bright colours, pastels or another selection, this is entirely your choice.

Price Guide

Price can be an important part of decision making when it comes to choosing a Funeral Director.

We greatly respect families at their time of grief and loss; therefore we can assure you the prices listed below are true, honest and the final price to be paid. (The only exceptions would be if you were to choose more expensive items than offered or make additions not specifically listed such as catering.)

You will not be mislead with concealed and unexpected extra charges after your loved one has been brought into our care.  We are transparent with our pricing.  The pricing below is what you will pay.

A service layout with coffin, memorial photograph and bouquets in the chapel.

Compassionate Primary Service ~ $2,200

There are many terms used for this service such as Private Cremation or Non-Attended Cremation.

This refers to a cremation with no chapel service, no attendees, no flowers etc. Families make very informed decisions when selecting a non-attended cremation for a wide variety of reasons. This is definitely not an inferior choice of service, nor is there any implication that making this choice is related to ones financial situation. In fact, this is widely becoming a very popular choice of funeral arrangement. By choosing this service, it provides several options to remember a loved one. Some suggestions could be to meet for a special dinner or bbq together with family and friends; holding a memorial service on the day of the Cremation or at a later date that suits travelling family and friends. Some may like to quietly light a candle at home at a date and time of their choosing or others may wish to have a relaxed and informal service at a local park, church, seaside or some other preference. This is entirely your choice and if you require assistance, we are here to help.

$2,200 is our fixed fee which includes our personal arrangement in your home or our office, compassionately liaising with your family, gently transferring your loved one into our care, preparation and cremation, Death Registration and 1 Certified Death Certificate and delivery of ashes to family. A viewing may be arranged and a press notice may also be added. An extensive range of urns, scattering tubes and jewellery are available to view in our offices.

Cremation and Chapel Service ~ Average $5,995

Includes transfer and preparation of deceased, Minister/Funeral Celebrant, Fresh Floral Arrangement, Quality Coffin, 50 Memorial Orders of Service, A Memorial Book, Death Registration, 1 Certified Death Certificate, delivery of ashes to family. Catering available.

Burial and Chapel Service ~ Average  $9,995

Includes transfer and preparation of deceased, Minister/Funeral Celebrant, Fresh Floral Arrangement, Quality Coffin, 50 Memorial Orders of Service, A Memorial Book, Death Registration, 1 Certified Death Certificate. Catering Available. Burial Fees are paid to the local Council.  Cemetery fees may vary the cost depending on which cemetery is selected.

Infant Cremation Service – up to 3 yrs of age ~ $1,850

Includes transfer and preparation of infant, Minister/Funeral Celebrant, Fresh Floral Arrangement, White Infant Coffin, 50 Memorial Orders of Service, small Memorial Book, DVD recording if requested, Death Registration, 1 Certified Death Certificate, delivery of ashes to family. Catering Available.

Infant Burial

As above, cemetery fees will vary the cost. Catering Available. The loss of an infant is devastating to all. As a compassionate gesture, we do not charge a Funeral Directors fee or make any profit when conducting an infant or young child’s funeral. The pricing we charge is to cover basic charges only by our suppliers and for government and cemetery/crematorium fees.

The funeral is given the same respect, length of time, detail, quality & professionalism of service as an adult’s full priced funeral. Funerals and services are conducted predominantly in the Moreton Bay region, however we also conduct Funeral Services throughout the Greater Brisbane Area at all Crematoriums, Cemeteries or Churches.

Interstate/overseas repatriation available POA.