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What To Do When Someone Passes

What to do when someone passes away

We are sorry to hear you are facing this sad time, losing your loved and offer our sincere condolences. We have personally experienced sudden loss and aged loved ones passing unexpectedly and are here to provide a supportive and listening ear to assist you and your family.

Coming from a place of genuine understanding, we promise to treat your loved one with dignity, care and compassion. We offer a service of care for you and your family – and your family and your requests will always come first.

Passing away at home

Every passing is unique and whilst sometimes expected, it will very likely still be very distressing. If the person has been under medical supervision or palliative care at home, the palliative care team will have advised you what steps to take. This is such a sad time for you. Please follow their direction. You may then contact Horizon and we will bring your loved one into our care, generally within one hour. If you would like to spend a little more time with them, please let us know and we will delay our visit to your home for a while longer.

If this is a sudden event, an ambulance and/or the Police will need to be called. They may issue a document called a ‘Life Extinct’ Certificate and you may then contact Horizon who will bring your loved one into our care generally within an hour.

At times, the ambulance team are unsure of the cause of the persons sudden passing. This can be an extremely distressing time, but it does become a legal requirement for your loved one to be transported to the Brisbane Coroner. The legal authorities will make these decisions, the necessary phone calls and arrangements very quickly. In due course we will bring your loved one into our care from the Coroner.

You will possibly be experiencing great shock and there is every likelihood that the last people you want to contact or talk to is a Funeral Director. Please be assured, we are kind, gentle, compassionate people and will provide great support, guidance and assistance through this extremely sad time.

Horizon and our team are not limited to a ‘standard’ funeral. This time is about you and your families wishes, where your families requests are encouraged and supported. If you would like something you may consider as a bit ‘different’ for a funeral, we will do all we can to accommodate your wishes to make this happen.

These circumstances you are facing will no doubt be extremely upsetting and distressing for all involved. Horizon is here to support and guide you with a kind, listening ear through this difficult time.

For support, guidance and assistance - 24 hours
Phone 1800 355 830

Passing away in a Residential Aged Care Facility

There is a likelihood that the Aged Care Facility would have asked you to nominate a Funeral Director. When your loved one eventually passes, a member of the Aged Care team will very often contact Horizon on your behalf, to alleviate you from having to make that difficult phone call.

Often, the topic of funerals and preparing ahead can be a sensitive topic, yet sadly it is an event that we should be prepared for. In some ways it can bring peace of mind, knowing information has been documented and family information is already on our files to reduce stress for those making decisions at the time of a funeral arrangement. There is no need to make payment at this time.

We will generally bring your loved one into our care within one hour. If this occurs during the evening, we will contact you at a reasonable time during daylight hours, to arrange an appointment to discuss all the important information for funeral arrangements in detail. Horizon offers support, guidance and assistance 24 hours on 1800 355 830

Passing away in Hospital

Horizon are here to offer support, guidance and assistance to you and your family in every possible way. We understand you would like your loved one brought into our care from hospital as soon as possible and we wish for that to occur as well. Once the hospital has completed their documentation (usually Monday to Friday), we will bring your loved one into our care as soon as possible and advise you when this happens. Please be assured we will treat them with compassion, dignity, gentleness and respect.

This will likely be a difficult time for your family and as difficult as it may be, it will become necessary to start making Funeral Arrangements. When you call Horizon, you will find we are kind and gentle people and our promise to you is to put your families care and wishes first. Often the comments families make to us is ‘you made this so easy for us’.

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